Umfrage: Your favourite Marie Antoinette?

Vor wenigen Tagen habe ich die Umfrage nach eurer beliebtesten Marie-Antoinette-Darstellerin geschaltet, siehe rechts unter dem Blog-Logo. Ihr habt die Auswahl zwischen Norma Shearer, Jane Seymour, Ute Lemper und Kirsten Dunst. Alle haben die Rolle der berühmten französischen Königin auf sehr unterschiedliche Art und Weise verkörpert, jedoch welche gefiel oder gefällt euch am besten? Stimmt einfach ab ; )

Wer sich übrigens für keine von den Vieren entscheidet und z.B. Charlotte de Turckheim, Emanuelle Beart oder andere als Marie Antoinette bevorzugt, kann  die „Other“-Option nutzen und gerne hier als Kommentar seine Wahl veröffentlichen.


2 Kommentare zu “Umfrage: Your favourite Marie Antoinette?

  1. Lizzy sagt:

    Ich bin Journalisten aus England fur die Zeitung The Observer und ich versuche, ein bisschen ueber deutschen Kostuemfilme zu entdecken.
    Wenn Sie 5 Minuten haetten, mir zu schreiben, waere ich sehr, sehr dankbar. (Entschuldigung, mein Deutsch ist schrecklich!)
    Meine Hauptfrage ist: Denken Sie dass, mit Buddenbrooks, Effi, Geliebte Clara usw, Deutschland eine neue Art von Film macht? Wenn ja, warum jetzt?
    Oder hat es schon solche Filmen in Deutschland gegeben? Any information would help- just a bit of background…
    Vielen dank fuer Ihre Zeit!
    ps Ihr Blog ist wunderbar 🙂

    • tinkalinka sagt:

      Hello Lizzy!
      Thank you very much for your appreciation ^_^
      I will try to answer your questions in english, but will have to switch into german now and then. Concerning german costume movies or german movies in general I must say, I may not know much more about this topic than you. Historical topics that go back beyond WW2 are not very interesting to the german public, as it seems to me. German history is of course very much dominated by what happened during the last century and there is still too much to process, which I guess is the reason, that there are still so many WW2 movies and even more movies to come about the whole german separation and reunion topic. Unfortunately there seems to be not enough room for everything that happended before the dawn of the 20th century. Which of course is also due to the predominance of the recent german history in our history classes.
      Some exeptions can be found when it comes to personalities such as Martin Luther and of course the „Dichter und Denker“ Goethe, or the famous composers Bach and Beethoven. But a german pendant to The Duchess, about a woman that won’t appear in your school history lessons, I still consider an impossibility.
      Since I haven’t seen any of the recent productions Buddenbrooks, Effi or Geliebte Clara I still don’t really know what to think of them and whether or not they stand for some kind of change in german movie making. From what I have seen in the trailers they seem to lack atmosphere and also the non-dubbed voices confuse me, because they sound so modern to me. Strange isn’t it? I like my costume movies with a little patina ; ) (Unless they are made by Sophia Coppola)
      But I definately see a „Gesellschafts-Trend“ towards more traditional or dignified views and perceptions on how a society should be and should be formed or shaped. I’m thinking about this since I have seen the movie The Queen by Stephen Frears, which to me really is a landmark within this discourse. I’m really curious on what the german movies are going to make of this, since they all focus on a female character looking for self fullfillment. Will they be the occasional feminist or will they be more balanced and reflected about the benefits and drawbacks of every development? We’ll see.
      About the background of historical movies in germany, I can remember an east german TV series that I really liked: „Sachsens Glanz und Preußens Gloria“. This is what first springs into mind, when I’m asked about german costume movies. If you are interested in east german films try this link: The Defa was the „staatlich geförderte“ production company in the GDR, you will find loads of costume movies there, I guess they where quite popular among filmmakers, because critical notions could be more easily concealed in a historic plot.
      I’m not very familiar with the west german film tradition and can only think of the Sissi-Films and other „Schnulzen“ with Romy Schneider.^^

      I hope I could help you along a little! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me.

      Liebe Grüße, Tinka!

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